Always Be Prepared With the Guardian Survival Kit

Are you planning on going on a hiking trip? Why not create a checklist of all the things you will need? No matter where your destination is, you are bound to end up on a treacherous path, which might be a tad bit for you to cross. A guardian survival kit comes in handy in such situations. It will keep you prepared for any emergency. Every kit has a variety of items and offers you safety and security in situations such as when you are stranded in the wilderness or having trouble finding your way in the dark. Taking survival seriously is very important because something as small as a flashlight can help you get out of difficult situations by signaling out to your rescuers where you are.

The guardian survival kit is a red, travel-size backpack with the words “Survival Kit” stenciled on it. It has a total of 36 items and can keep up to four individuals safe in emergencies. One of the most important items in the kit is a dynamo radio lantern, i.e., a solar-powered light. This kit contains 2 of them. It offers you a bright LED light and acts as a battery and mobile phone charger. It has a radio, which will keep you company on your trips and help you keep an eye out for changing weather. The lantern is portable and compact and can be taken on hunting, camping, and hiking trips. The lamp has four functions and 3 modes. You can switch the 6 LED lights between power-saving mode, normal mode, and flashing LEDs. It also has a siren for situations where you might be stuck in a hidden spot and unable to tell your hiking partner your location.

Other items in this guardian survival kit include 2 squeeze flashlights, waterproof matches, 2 Emergency Bright Sticks that light up for 12 hours, 36-Hour Emergency Candles, 4 body warmers, and 4 Mylar emergency sleeping bags. There’s a first-aid kit, too, containing items like alcohol prep pads, gauze sponges, band-aids, and earbuds. For anyone who journeys into the woods, forests, mountains, or anywhere outdoors, the idea of getting lost, being stranded, or having trouble navigating can be very real. Even those who are well-experienced will face a few problems and fall victim to such disasters. Due to this reason, when an emergency unfolds in the wilderness while the sun goes down, the first thing that will help you guide the way is light, and the remaining items in your backpack will increase your survival rates.