Do Everything with a Multi Function Knife

There are so many things that people can do to get themselves out of a pinch. For example, if you are camping and need to put some things together quickly, you can get a braided cord bracelet that you can unravel and use to make a fort, collect firewood, or tie your things together when you are trying to cross a rushing river to climb up a tree. If you are someone that loves doing make up on people, painting pictures, or baking cakes, you can actually use all the same things for those hobbies when you have brushes. Brushes can be used for applying makeup like eyeshadow or lipstick, or any designs that apply to the look. A brush can also be used for cleaning up the creases in a cake fondant or for applying designs to the frosting. Even though these are handy tools, there is nothing more handy than a knife. Whether you are stashing it in your car for emergencies, going on a backpacking trip, or going on a trip with friends overseas, a knife is something that is both practical and handy. If you need it for self defense, then you can use it to help make sure that you are going to be at least safe that you are able to defend yourself and make sure that you are able to defend yourself and your loved ones. A knife can also help you get out of your car in a pinch if you are in a car accident and your seat belt does not release and you have to get out quickly. The end of your knife, if it has a metal end, can also help bust open your window to allow you to get out. Whatever the case, having a multi function knife on hand is a great way to protect yourself, but also give you options for special circumstances.

Knives are great because they will be with you forever and they don’t go bad.

A multi function knife is a tool you can have on hand for the rest of your life when you pick the right one.