How to Build an Emergency Food Stockpile

Is your pantry ready for a pandemic or natural disaster? Most of us get petrified when it comes to planning for an emergency – and for a good reason. It is pretty hard to plan for unknown circumstances. Even though this is the case, stockpiling water and food is like an insurance policy against the unknown. So if you were procrastinating – perhaps because of the news of the coronavirus – it is probably time to think about stocking up on wise brand emergency food. That said, here’s how you can prepare your emergency food stockpile.

First, ask yourself the question – how much food should store? Are you aiming for 3 weeks of supplies or for 3 months? While the Department of Homeland Security recommends that you have food supplies for at least 72 hours, you can also aim for a longer period for your emergency food stockpile. Either way, you’re covered with wise brand emergency food products. You will find products that are designed in terms of both – servings and period of use. If, however, you are working with a tight budget, we would recommend that you buy in bulk. This will help you stockpile affordably and for longer periods of time. Moreover, eating from an emergency food stockpile can get a little boring. Think about it – you’re going to be eating food that tastes the same e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. This is why you should try and invest in both – tasty and nutritional foods. On that note, wise brand emergency food products consist of multiple servings of tasty meals. Some examples that really stand out are dinner-ready versions of Tomato Basil Soil, Creamy Pasta & Veg Rotini, and Apple Cinnamon Cereal among so many more. Speaking of Apple Cinnamon, you can also choose to stock up of Wise brand emergency food’s assortments of dried fruits. These products will also give you the option to mix and match with 16 servings of Vanilla Pudding, Caramel, or Creamy Yogurt.

Other than your supply of wise brand emergency food, you should also stock up on water and milk. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you should store at least a gallon of water per person for each day, and this also recommends for your pets. Try to make sure that your water supply is replaced every six months so that you can keep to the expiration dates of these products. Similarly, try to keep an eye on the remaining shelf life of every wise brand emergency food product you stock up on.