Survival Knives for Sale: Protect Yourself Now

Survival knives are a multi-purpose tool with a wide range of functions such as cutting and slicing, digging, splitting, self-defense, first aid tool, food prep, shelter building, fire making, hunting weapon, signaling, prying tool, make-shift screwdriver, and hammering. Are you looking to own a survival knife? If you are, you’re bound to get confused when you spot a survival knives for sale going on. The reason for your confusion is due to the different types of survival knives on sale. How do you choose the perfect survival knife to protect yourself? There are six important features you need to consider when browsing the survival knives for sale promotion. Size matters.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. If the knife’s blade is too big, you can’t perform detailed tasks with it such as carving snare sets or dressing small game. On the contrary, you can’t use a knife with a small blade to perform rugged tasks such as chopping and batoning. You need to buy a knife that’s around 9” to 11” with at least a 5” blade. When a survival knives for sale is in progress, look for the Scuba Knife Yellow or the Ontario Knife 499 Air Force Survival Knife. Fixed blade or a folding knife— which one is better? Choose a survival knife with a fixed blade, as it’s more reliable and durable than a survival knife with a folding blade. Fixed blades can meet the demands of a survival scenario. Folding knives are not recommended because a joint makes them unfit to be used in a survival scenario.

Fixed knives increase your chances of surviving in the wild because they’re better suited for chopping, prying, thrusting, pounding, and rigorous cutting. Some popular fixed survival knifes for sale to check out include the CRKT M16-T Titanium Combo, the Shuffle Blackwash Finish Knife, and the Carson M16 E.D.C Knife. Ensure the knife is a full tang, which means the blade and handle are made from one continuous piece of material. For increased comfort, ensure the handle portion features scales or grips. Don’t choose a partial tang survival knife, as it can come off during demanding tasks and cause injury. Always go with a knife with a sharp-pointed tip, as it’s the best choice for self-defense. Lastly, the knife should have a singled-edged blade with a flat 90-degree grind and a solid pommel or butt for light-duty hammering and pounding. You’re ready to buy the perfect survival knife during the sale.